May 3, 2018

Earthy spring session

This family has my heart and so does this location! This is my cousin’s family and the location is my grandparents farm.  We spent countless days swimming in the lake, climbing on hay bales, and exploring all the barns and sheds. So it was amazing to get to incorporate this place into her session.

One thing I also love about this sessions is their outfits! Sarah allowed me to style their whole family and I think it creates a timeless look. Outfits can make or break a session and its typically the one thing that clients stress about.  Finding outfits for the whole family can be so stressful! Which is why my business partner, Melissa, and I created Honeytree Style & Select  Our website is a resource for photographers to provide to their clients.  No more pinterest boards or PDF styling guides.  Instead, clients can get on, enter an access code, fill out a simple questionnaire, and it populates outfit choices for each person in the family.  Thats not even the best part! It then gives them a link to where to purchase the clothes from.  So basically, no more running from store to store, or browsing 15 different clothing sites for outfits that look good together.

So, future and current clients, I would LOVE to be able to help you style your sessions to create this look! Lets step outside of the box of jeans, tees, and matchy/matchy colors and find outfits that are not only flattering, but affordable and take your photo up a notch!

XOXO- Holly